• Rumor: BlackBerry 6.1 will be known as BlackBerry 7

    Rumor is spreading fast from information that CrackBerry has received from "numerous sources" that RIM will be revealing, not OS 6.1, but rather OS 7 at the upcoming BlackBerry World conference. It seems that RIM has decided to re-brand the OS 6.1 update completely as BlackBerry 7 without adding any type of OS QNX to the design base. This sudden move may be a way to further separate the OS from the BlackBerry 6 name, and give the upcoming devices their own OS 7 flavor. However, rumor also has it that current phones running BB6 may not get any BB7 action right off the bat - which could make sense, given that new features like NFC are only present in upcoming devices. Keep in mind that all of this is as of now unconfirmed, but we hope to see that any changes won't affect the user in a difficult way. Will this affect you in how you see the upcoming OS?

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