• Rubik's Cube for BlackBerry On Sale Today Only!

    The world's best selling toy, the Rubik's Cube, is now available for your BlackBerry! The game lets you test your skills against the classic 3x3x3 size and if that challenge just isn't challenging enough, try a bigger one on for size like the 5x5x5.

    What you'll be able to do with Magmic's "officially licensed Rubik's® Cube game:"
    • Classic 3x3x3 cube
    • Alternative cube sizes: 2x2x2, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5
    • Track your time and number of moves to solve the cube
    • Compare your stats on-line with members worldwide
    • Included solution guide to help you solve the cube

    Don't let us have all the fun, try it out for yourself!

    - Avonlea
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