• Rovio Giving Away Angry Birds Star Wars

    UPDATE: As of 1st Feb 2013 - the app is now free. Get it now!

    Yes you read that right! After the live broadcast, the CMO from Rovio came onstage at the London event and got the crowd into a frenzy by telling us that all current and past Angry Birds games would be available for BlackBerry 10.

    And then the bombshell! There will be 1,125,000 copies of Angry Birds Star Wars given away for free to BlackBerry 10 users.

    Great news! So if you are planning on snagging a BlackBerry 10 tomorrow or soon after, make sure that you check the game out in BlackBerry World straight away to see if you can get your free copy!

    Angry Birds Star Wars in BlackBerry World

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