• Rogers Launches Suretap Wallet For BlackBerry 10 Devices

    It was just over a year ago when we revealed that Rogers had approved BlackBerry devices for use with their Suretap payments. It is a way for developers to integrate their payment systems with the Rogers network and secure SIM.

    Now, Rogers have announced that their very own Suretap Wallet app will be pre-installed on all NFC-capable handsets, including BlackBerry 10 devices. Right now they have the Z10 covered.

    Suretap is already accepted by merchants wherever you can find the contactless logo, and you can use a prepaid Mastercard or available gift cards.

    Check out the video to see how it works.

    The only thing that I'm upset about is that it's only in Canada! If you're on Rogers, then check out the Suretap page for more information and be one of the first Canadians to use this great new service.

    Check out Suretap Wallet in BlackBerry World

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