• Rogers' 10.3.1 OS Update for the BlackBerry Passport Arriving in March

    Yesterday, OS 10.3.1 started been officially rolled out to the existing BlackBerry 10 devices. While unlocked devices purchased directly from ShopBlackBerry already started receiving the update, users who bought their devices through carriers might have to be patient on getting the 10.3.1 update. Although Rogers released the 10.3.1 update for Z10/Q10 at the same time as the global release took place, the carrier needs more time to finalize the Passport OS before releasing it to its users.

    During the global release yesterday, one of Roger's Social Media Team members, Michael, confirms that the 10.3.1 update for the BlackBerry Passport will be likely arriving in March. Could this be due to Rogers being aware of the flickering issue that has affecting several users on leaked (& even yesterday's official) builds?

    After hearing this news, hopefully all Rogers' Passport users can relax and let Rogers finalize its 10.3.1 update. Sometimes patience brings a better outcome!

    Source: Twitter

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