• Rock n' Roll Games Studio Achieves 1 Million Downloads On BlackBerry 10

    The guys from Rock n' Roll Games Studio have just let me know that hey hit a huge milestone of 1 million total downloads for their apps they offer in BlackBerry World. I was also told that they are setting another milestone goal to hit 10 million downloads by year's end!

    Some of their most popular game titles are:

    Here is the email I got from the team. Be sure to check out the infograph link in the message.

    Hi Joe!

    I am sure you have heard that the first million is always the hardest, we are happy to announce that we hit the 1M downloads landmark for BB10 downloads!

    This couldn't have being possible with the help of you all. Giving us good advice and feedback on every step of the way. So please feel part of this small success

    To commemorate this happy achievement we made a small infograph, with some cool data about our user base. Hope you enjoy it: http://rockandrollgamestudio.com/fil...aph_BB10_2.jpg

    We will be looking to get to the 10M landmark this year, so wait for more great content from us!

    Eze, Federico and the @RockNRollGames team

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