• RIP Official YouTube App For Playbook And Older BB Devices

    The Verge reported that Google was to kill off older YouTube Apps at the end of April. I think those that saw the news assumed the PlayBook and older BlackBerry phones were on the chopping block despite not wanting it to be true. Well, here we are on the 7th of May and those of you with a BlackBerry PlayBook should go check the app. I'll wait...

    Totally broken, right? You get what you see above. You can still watch your recent videos and navigate through related videos but search is borked and all you get is that YouTube Help video that says “say goodbye to this app because it will die soon” (read: now) though I may be paraphrasing a bit... You can watch the video below.

    Here's Google’s post about it. Looks like their partners are safe for now. Too bad we’re not one of them. Those on pre-BB10 phones are likely affected. At least one user is reporting the issue on their 9220.

    My Playbook is new to me but just over a week after receiving it the thing is already falling apart...er, the apps anyway. I tried a couple different YouTube apps from the BlackBerry World store on the PlayBook but they're suffering from the same fate.

    Crappy Android ports anyway. Bleh.

    But is there good news? Yes, m.youtube.com still works in the browser and you can use the normal YouTube site in the PlayBook's browser. Or you can try sideloading if you don't mind converting .apk to .bar files using apk2bar.org and the BB10/PlayBook App Manager Chrome extension. I tested it out last night and was able to get the YouTube Gingerbread version to work (on the second launch since the first time it auto-closed on me) and it worked just fine. Here, I did the work for you! You just have to sideload it.

    Seems to work pretty well.

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