• RIM's Top 3 BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcuts

    BlackBerry power users, as RIM internal calls them, are always looking for ways to cut down the amount of time to navigate through their BlackBerry smartphones. One way that RIM has helped, is by adding keyboard shortcuts into the BlackBerry OS framework in order to satisfy those who are wanting to cut the small crap and just get right to it. Donny H. from the Inside BB Blog has compiled a list of the top 3 keyboard shortcuts you can use to help you make time spent with your BlackBerry more productive:

    Let’s Rock n’ Scroll This!
    Most of us have a ton of messages in our unified Inbox, and scrolling back to the top after reading through a hundred or so messages can be a huge investment (or waste) of time. If you need to scroll to the very top or very bottom of your Inbox, you simply tap the letter “t” for the top or the letter “b” for the bottom. This works in individual emails, as well, which comes in handy for those long email exchanges.

    Mind your R’s and F’s
    Responding to an email or need to forward an email to a friend? Typing the letter “r” for reply or “f” for forward on your QWERTY keyboard quickly produces the desired management of the email. Remember that to delete an email, use the DEL key!

    Help! You Know I Need Somebody…
    Holding down the ALT key plus the letter “h” brings up the Help screen in OS6 and older. Typing the word “help” from the home screen in OS 7 brings up the Help icon to launch the app. Singing Beatles songs, while enjoyable, unfortunately does not bring up the Help menu.

    Bonus: Everyone needs a little space
    Here’s a tip for those of you BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) addicts out there: To quickly jump between your Chats, Contacts and BBM Groups simply tap the “space” key. This will save you from having to scroll through all your open conversations, to access your countless BBM Contacts, you popular person, you.
    There are several keyboard shortcuts. Too many for most to memorize. Let us know what you favorite keyboard shortcuts are in the comments below!

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