• RIM's Stymiest Promises More Forceful Board Amid Critics

    Coming into her second week of work at her new position, Barbara Stymiest, is already facing investor heat about her appointment. On Sunday, January 29th, RIM had a shake up at some key management positions; one of those being Stymiest as new Chair of the Board. Change seems to the message she hopes to spread in her role as Chair and she believes that it can be done.

    “Driving change in an organization means a high-performing board and a high-quality management team,” Stymiest said in an interview with Bloomberg yesterday. “You get those two right and you can drive change quickly and effectively.”

    Not everyone seems to effectively agree though. Jaguar CEO Vic Alboini said “she’s been part of the problem. I don’t think she’s going to be strong enough to make the changes necessary. We would say to her, ‘Prove us wrong.’” Another critic of the changes, Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co., believes previous management changed “as little change as possible” with these moves.

    Stymiest remains positive amid all this. “We can improve on product execution and Thorsten is well- positioned to do that.” One way to be able to accomplish this according to Stymiest is the acquisition of more patents. “You’ll continue to see RIM make strategic acquisitions of patents to give it the degrees of freedom to have the most competitive, compelling device going forward,” she said.

    At the end of the day, it's all about delivering a high quality product, correctly and on time. Barbara Stymiest believes her experience will allow her to provide “flawless oversight” of the management team which will get this done. Let's hope she's right.
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