• RIMs Plans For The PlayBook's Front-Facing Camera (And Rumors!)

    One of the most requested features on tablets in today's market are those with front-facing cameras. Though a camera on the iPad seems a little ridiculous, to me anyway, due to the iPad's size, RIM's PlayBook would be a great candidate because of its smaller size and accessibility.

    Here's what we do know:

    "RIM has just been showing off a simple camera app that lets you switch between the cameras on the front and back of the PlayBook."
    The camera feature on the PlayBook takes sharp pictures and also has auto-focus, but little else is known about other camera capabilities. One rumored thought is that RIM may use the PlayBook camera to add video chat to the device. Thanks to competition from the iPhone, and if RIM does in fact decide to go with this rumored idea, we may even begin to see cellphones with video chat.

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