• RIM's Mystery Building Raises Some Questions

    A dull grey building, with no signs in Canada that is owned by RIM, has the locals wondering what exactly is going on inside this newly built structure. The building is located at a remote location far from RIM's Waterloo campus, and no one really knows what's going on there. A new HQ or a company "think tank" have been among some of the guesses.

    RIM's Corporate Communications Manager, Rebecca Freiburger, stated that “a number of people from varying business units are housed there," and that "it was decided a sign was unnecessary, as there isn’t a need for visitors to know its location." Although RIM has remained coy with inquiries regarding the building, there are other clues that may give us a little more information. According to research done by TheRecord, a report from Colliers International listed the building as RIM's headquarters.

    Over the years RIM has always remained quiet about their real estate investments, and have spent quite a bit of money on it. Whatever this building is being used for, it's clear that RIM has something to do with it. Is it a secret testing lab for BB 10? A secret research center for future devices? We will probably never know, but it's always fun speculating.

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