• RIM's Guide To Ease Those Back-to-School Blues Using BlackBerry

    With the new school year coming upon us soon, RIM has let us know about their recently made guide to ease those back-to-school blues. So read on, and let us know if you have any tips for BlackBerry users going back to school!

    Ease the back-to-school blues with BlackBerry products designed to help students, parents and teachers communicate, stay organized and increase productivity inside and out of the classroom – and have a little fun along the way! Check out the multitasking BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, our new affordable BlackBerry smartphone, and the new BlackBerry Music Gateway - a music streaming device - as well as some useful apps to help make the transition back to school a success.
    BlackBerry Music Gateway
    The BlackBerry Music Gateway is a hot new music accessory that works with any smartphone and is super affordable at under $50. Music loving students and teachers can wirelessly stream to their dormitory, car or classroom stereo system from a BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device. Whether you sync your personal music library or stream music from one of the many BlackBerry App World music apps like BBM Music, Slacker or Pandora, you will never run out of good tunes. Once connected to the BlackBerry Music Gateway, you can use your smartphone as a remote control from up to 30 feet away from the stereo. Since the BlackBerry Music Gateway works with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone anyone in your dorm or classroom can also share their tunes.

    The BlackBerry Music Gateway can amplify the sound whether playing a car racing game like Adrenaline HD on the PlayBook or listing to an audiobook in the car. This affordable little gadget has numerous uses and will work with all your friends’ smartphones.

    See the official BlackBerryOS.com Music Gateway video review here.

    BlackBerry PlayBook
    The powerful and ultra-portable BlackBerry PlayBook combines convenient and portable size with multifaceted functionality, making the reasonably priced tablet a great option for both students and teachers dedicated to maximizing productivity while on-the-go. The 7-inch tablet is small enough to fit in a backpack or purse, while the high-definition screen offers study-break entertainment or last-minute in-class tutorials.

    Like the best educators, the BlackBerry PlayBook’s multi-tasking capabilities support several activities at a time, and the BlackBerry PlayBook comes preloaded with a full documents suite for easy editing and document creation. With HDMI the BlackBerry PlayBook allows students and teachers to run presentations directly from the BlackBerry PlayBook to a larger screen.

    The BlackBerry PlayBook’s dynamic app library offers a wide range of apps like Evernote, which synchronizes notes, ideas and more from a BlackBerry, BlackBerry PlayBook to the Web or computer desktop.

    The new BlackBerry Curve
    The BlackBerry Curve 9310 is the newest BlackBerry smartphone, featuring the slim stylish BlackBerry design and industry leading full QWERTY keyboard to help students and parents stay connected to the people who matter most. A dedicated BBM key provides direct access to RIM’s popular mobile social network to stay in touch during precious study breaks, or coordinate after-school activities with mom and dad. This affordable new smartphone is available for under $50 on Verizon Wireless or $99 without a contract on Boost Mobile.

    The BlackBerry Curve 9310 comes preloaded with social apps like Facebook and Twitter and there are thousands of great apps available for download from BlackBerry App World. With the 3.2 MP camera with flash and built-in GPS students can keep friends and loved ones up-to-speed on their daily adventures.

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