• RIM's Enterprise Customers Preparing For The Worst

    It seems as though the uncertainty behind RIM's future is being debated by just about everyone. Expert analysts, business professionals, and everyday consumers all seem to have an opinion on the future of BlackBerry and RIM. No matter what the public opinion is, many companies are finding themselves in a precarious situation, and are preparing for the worst case scenario.

    Over the past few years, RIM's enterprise customer base has been a strong foundation for RIM's revenue. However, many companies are now asking themselves questions like, What happens if RIM goes under? How would we be affected if RIM were to be bought out? Questions like these are becoming all too common within RIM's enterprise level customers, and have forced many technology decision makers within these companies to prepare for the worst.

    RIM's enterprise customer base is starting to feel a little nervous regarding the future of RIM and want to make sure that their businesses will still be operational in the event of a disaster at RIM. Reasons like service disruption, and BYOD both contribute to the precautionary plans that many companies are creating or have implemented. Some companies' fears are that in the event of takeover, RIM's exclusive services would be shut down, leaving the company's data in an insecure state.

    Companies like the internet-domain name provider GoDaddy, have put themselves in a position to switch users to iPhone or Android devices in a relatively short time. More companies are embracing iPads, iPhones, Android and other non BlackBerry devices because of the widespread Mobile Device Management Systems that allow them to manage their mobile devices in similar ways that BES allowed them to.

    Other companies, like Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co, started their planning for a BlackBerry disruption late last year and already have an environment in which they can securely deliver company data to their various mobile devices. The company, which at one time had over 8,500 BlackBerry devices, has dropped to 7,000 due to other smartphone platforms.

    Overreaction, and paranoia, are reasons some may use to describe the actions of these and other companies like them. The fact of the matter, is that it's simply a smart business decision. These and other fortune 500 companies need to make sure that they are one step ahead of the game and simply can't afford to gamble on the ramifications of a possible RIM takeover or some other traumatic event to the BlackBerry maker, RIM.

    The use of mobile device management systems have grown quite significantly over the past few years. Many vendors are capitalizing on RIM's current state, by extending their cross mobile device management solutions services to RIM's enterprise level customers.

    source: Bloomberg
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