• RIM's CMO Talks BlackBerry Marketing And BlackBerry 10

    RIM has always had a marketing problem. In essence...it has no marketing really to speak of. Gradually this has changed for the better but it still lags behind the other major phone makers. In all honesty, if I were Chief Marketing Officer instead of Frank Boulben, I'd go for the jugular and fast. Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich?? Feh.., B and C listers. I'd go for the demographic... the Justin Bieber demographic. He's a known BlackBerry Smartphone user and all you have to do is get him to endorse BlackBerry... boom!! Your sales will go through the roof!!!

    And that idea is why I'm NOT in marketing. But Frank Boulben is. And that is why he's RIM's CMO. And in this interview he gave to the star.com you'll read what his vision is for the future of RIM, of BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10.

    Q: Didnít the delay in BB10ís launch hurt?

    A: Actually, purely from a marketing point of view, Iíd rather launch during January than during the pre-holiday season. Before Christmas, itís so busy, itís not the best time of year to get retail staff to stop and explain a completely new product. Itís easy to get lost in all the noise....
    Source: The Star

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