• RIM's BIG #JanuBerry Contest Starts Tomorrow, Jan 2nd!

    RIM is once again celebrating the beginning of the New Year with their #JanuBerry contest to win big prizes! Last year's contest they gave away PlayBooks, BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, and even some BBM gloves. This year they'll be adding 3G PlayBooks, BB Music Gateways, and BB Headsets to the list of prizes.

    So how does one enter win?

    1. Follow @BlackBerry on Twitter.
    2. Answer the correct response to the question asked by RIM via their Twitter account.
    3. The entrant who posts the 10th correct tweet in response to any given Contest Invitation will be eligible to win.
    4. If the 10th tweet does not contain the correct response, the subsequent tweet will be reviewed, and so on, until the correct response is found.

    For more information please read the official rules.

    Here is the full list of prizes to be offerred:
    7 - BlackBerry PlayBook 3G tablet 16G
    6 - BlackBerry Music Gateway Device
    6 - BlackBerry Headset
    14 - BlackBerry BBM Pin
    6 - BlackBerry BBMing Gloves

    Contest is only open to US and Canadian residents. Good luck to all! And be sure to let us know if you end up a winner!

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