• RIM Shares Top 3 Better Backyard Grilling Tips Using Your BlackBerry

    While the weather is still hot outside this summer, you still have plenty of opportunities to get outside with the friends and family to enjoy a nice day grilling on the barbecue! Donny and the gang from the Inside BB Blog have come up with three great ways you can use your BlackBerry Smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook while grillin'. So without further ado...

    Grab Some New Recipes

    Before you head to the grocery store, why not check out a few apps that can give you some new ideas for your culinary pursuits? One great resource to help you find new recipes and refine your techniques is Cooklet. More than just your typical burger and hot dog BBQ, you’ll find recipes for inventive side dishes and numerous ways to spice up your meals. And if you’re looking for some healthy recipes, be sure to check out SparkRecipes – it currently boasts over 200,000 recipes!

    Accurate Cook Times
    For novice chefs and culinary pros alike, cooking a cut of meat to perfection can be challenging and intimidating. Using the recipe apps above will help give you a timeline for how long you should leave your food on the grill, and using an app like Stopwatch can help you gauge your grilling time.

    Share Your Work of Art
    After you have put together your BBQ masterpiece, it’s time for you to share it with the world! Before you get to chowing down your food, we recommend snagging a photo or two with your BlackBerry smartphone. One of my favorite photo apps is PicMix – you can add interesting filters and effects to your photos to really impress your foodie friends. You can also share your photos on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to build up your street cred as the BBQ master among your friends.

    Let us know if you have any tips of your own using your BlackBerry while grilling on the BBQ!

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