• RIM Says "Theme Studio 7 Is En Route," But Does Anyone Care Anymore?

    Themes on BlackBerry devices have been around for a very, very long time. I remember the first time I ever loaded a theme on my Curve 8310,l I thought it was one of the coolest things out there.

    Well, in order to build themes, developers need a program known as Theme Studio/Builder for the corresponding OS that they're building for. OS 4.x - OS 6 have had it, but when BlackBerry 7 came out RIM didn't release a theme builder for it.

    Back on October 21st of last year, RIM gave us a "reason" for the lack of update to Theme Builder. Time passed and nothing happened. Then on April 24th of this year, Alec Saunders talked about TB7 being released before the end of Q2 2012 (month of June). June came and went and no Theme Builder 7.

    Today, we get the above little tidbit from @BlackBerryDev on twitter in which they point out that "Theme Studio 7 is en route and we are looking to release ASAP." Honestly, RIM has been saying this for a little while now, no timetable has been given, and it's getting old.

    This problem has obviously pissed off some of the best theme devs we have in the BlackBerry community, whose incessant bitching is sometimes just as annoying. As time goes by, it seems like TB7 may never be released and that since BlackBerry 10 probably wont support them either, RIM has been focusing on that instead.

    Here's where this article changes a bit.

    I'm glad RIM hasn't cared about Theme Studio 7 this much, to be honest. As cool as they are, themes don't even make the top 5 reasons why people like BlackBerry. I don't know a single person that has ever switched to or stayed with a BlackBerry "because it has themes."

    The focus has and needs to be BlackBerry 10, period. RIM needs to come out and say that themes will not be around on their new QNX-based OS, if that's the case, and leave the past in the past. They shouldn't have promised something that they couldn't keep with an unrealistic timeline, and that was a bad mistake. However, if resources from TB7 development were put into BB10 development instead and that's caused the delay, I applaud their decision to put all their best eggs into the BlackBerry 10 basket.

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