• RIM's stock raises 9% with News of Possible Takeover

    The Toronto Star has reported that Research in Motion, maker of our beloved BlackBerry devices, has received a 9% stock raise in anticipation of a takeover. They also mention that this 9% increase is also possibly due to the recent announcement of job cuts by RIM and rumors that Apple Inc.’s latest iPhone may be late to hit the market.

    After receiving a hard blow in the 1st quarter of 2011, it seems that RIM might be floating above water now. Above water long enough to sell and get off the raft. Who would be the company to buy out RIM? Would they keep the line and try to build it up or would they liquidate and kill off the BlackBerry? Will Jim and Mike, CO-CEO's of RIM, let RIM go without a fight?

    This is what the Star had to say:
    Paul Taylor, chief investment officer at BMO Harris Private Banking in Toronto, said bargain hunting investors may have rediscovered RIM after the stock was “vastly oversold” and emerged as a favorite target of short sellers.

    He also said any takeover of RIM would likely involve a hostile pursuit, given that the company’s co-chief executives say they are more committed than ever to turning RIM around as a free-standing entity.

    Other analysts said while they recognize that RIM has valuable assets, the deteriorating BlackBerry brand makes a near-term buyout unlikely.
    I guess we will just have to sit and see what happens, however the minute something does happen we will make sure you know about it!

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