• RIM Reveals Top Five Paying Apps Of All Time In App World

    I have actually always wondered about this. I have wondered what are the top selling apps that App World has to offer. I mean we've all kind of had some ideas but never really known for sure. Well with App World's 3rd birthday happening, BlackBerry has decided to reveal their top five selling apps of all time on App World, and the results may or may not surprise you.

    Interesting to see that two out of the top five are apps that control the LED on BlackBerry smartphones. Also interesting to note that Angry Birds, a PlayBook app that can only reach around 1 million PlayBook owners, grabbed the top spot on this list. This to me, definitely shows how PlayBook owners are definitely willing to spend more money on those fancy apps/games that we all want from other OSes. I can bet that in no time thought we'll also see more PlayBook apps (can you say Blaq) creep up to the top five.

    1. Angry Birds by Rovio for the BlackBerry PlayBook
    2. BeWeather by Bellshare for BlackBerry smartphones
    3. ColorID by Motek Americas for BlackBerry smartphones
    4. Shazam Encore for BlackBerry smartphones
    5. BeBuzz by Bellshare for BlackBerry smartphones

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