- RIM Postpones Yearly Presentation To Analysts Until After BlackBerry 10 Launch
  • RIM Postpones Yearly Presentation To Analysts Until After BlackBerry 10 Launch

    To me, analysts are extremely annoying. Not sure if it's because of the incessant bashing of RIM and BlackBerry or because they tend to change their opinions and be proven wrong so much. Either way, RIM usually has a presentation every year for most of them in which they go over their plans for the upcoming year and other company interests. Usually this occurs around the time of BlackBerry World and since BBW 2012 is right around the corner, most were expecting this presentation to be nearby.

    Today, RIM has announced they will be focusing their time leading up to and the actual BBW 2012 event to the ones that matter the most.
    We decided to make BlackBerry World more focused on customers, developers and partners," RIM spokeswoman Tenille Kennedy said on Tuesday. "We will hold a separate session targeted at the interests of the investment community later this year, once BlackBerry 10 is launched.
    To be honest, with the earnings call tomorrow and the fact that they are probably going to get bashed hard regardless of what the results are, I'm kind of happy that RIM is taking this approach. Let them wait. Let them not know anything exclusive. Shock them and make them eat their words; their "BlackBerry is dead." Way to go RIM.
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