• RIM Opens Up Third BlackBerry Store In Bangalore, India

    RIM is hitting Asia hard with new phone releases, BlackBerry 10 Jams, visits by international man of mystery/rock star V.P. Of Dev. Alec Saunders. RIM is also opening BlackBerry Stores in the continent, this time a third store in Bangalore, India. This new store is a one stop shop providing all your BlackBerry phone and accessory needs.

    This begs the question...Why doesn't RIM start opening more BlackBerry Stores in North America, in particular the USA...and not the airports. We see what is happening with RIM's push for developers for their new BlackBerry 10 platform...the whetting of our palates for what is to come with snippets of what it can do and what we can only imagine it will do. The unknown here is what the phone will look like. And as BlackBerry users we know what is lacking with the BlackBerry brand. Marketing. Plain and simple, marketing and advertising is almost non existent for BlackBerry. Yes there have been a few more ads recently but honestly, they're not the grab you by the eyeballs spectacular. What RIM needs, quite frankly is a marketing enema. They're so backed up about marketing and advertising, RIM needs to get moving again.

    Build the stores in the major cities..New York, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles. Put them in the business centers of those cities. Build for BlackBerry 10, build for the new unknown BlackBerry 10 device and advertise the crap out of it. Bring back those that went to other platforms and keep them solidly in the BlackBerry camp again. Just my $.02

    Source and Photo:BBin.in

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