• RIM May Be Close To Picking JPMorgan As Stategic Adviser

    Research In Motion is looking for connections in the business world. Whether that is through partnerships, financial advisers, or other means has yet to be seen. This morning, Bloomberg is reporting that RIM is close to bringing on JPMorgan Chase & Co. to help analyse the company strategic options and where their next step should be.

    According to their unnamed source, "RIM would prefer to license its BlackBerry mobile operating system," even though they are "racing to put the final touches on a new platform, known as BB10, and release the first smartphone built on the software later this year."

    A decision about a possible deal with JPMorgan could be officially announced within the next few days, but with BlackBerry World less than two weeks away, we wouldn't be surprised to see/hear the announcement pushed back until after the event.

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