• RIM Makes It Official, BlackBerry 10 Will Not Support Themes And Theme Studio 7 Will Not Be Released

    The shift to BlackBerry 10 will bring along a lot of the things that we as BlackBerry users are familiar with, but unfortunately it will also leave other things behind. What all of those things are exactly wont be known until BlackBerry 10 launches officially, but little by little RIM is putting out official word of what these are.

    Today via a piece on the BlackBerry Developer blog, Tim Neil, Director of Application Platform & Tools Product Management at Research In Motion, stated that "there will be no Theme Studio product for BlackBerry 10 and there will be no theme support in the BlackBerry 10 OS."

    Surprising? Not really, the new UI and UX that BlackBerry 10 brings doesn't really lend itself to be tinkered with so this wasn't exactly "shocking." What was a little shocking was what followed.

    On the topic of Theme Studio 7, Tim continues: "We’ve been wrestling with this decision for a while – but based on multiple factors, we’ve made the decision to not release Theme Studio 7. Once we looked at the final product, it was clear to us that it didn’t address theme developer needs or asks. In addition, feedback from our Theme Studio beta testers showed us that the quality of the tooling would not be acceptable."

    Yikes. Well this is awkward, specially since RIM had been promising Theme Studio 7 for a long time. Suffice to say this will piss some people off, but not nearly enough for it to matter or to change BlackBerry 10 from its course or end result in any way. It's definitely nice to finally have a concrete answer so people know and adjust what they develop.

    Are you going to miss themes on BlackBerry 10? Let us know in the comments!

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