• RIM Looking To Sell To Samsung?

    It seems as though this year will be packed full of interesting news. Rumors about RIM's acquisition have been circulating for quite some time. We learned late last year that Microsoft, Amazon, and Nokia all mulled over bids on RIM. It is no secret to anyone that RIM had a difficult time last year meeting its financial goals, as well as missed market opportunities.

    New information has surfaced that suggests that mobile giant Samsung is also interested in RIM. This new report states that a full sale price of RIM would be somewhere within the $12 to $15 Billion dollar range. These prices would actually be selling RIM's shares at a higher price than they are currently worth.

    Does any of this even make any sense? It just might. We have heard from every expert analyst about what RIM should do with its future and have even heard that RIM should abandon the BlackBerry all together and focus entirely on enterprise software solutions. The fact is, RIM will make its own decision based on whats best for the company, but pressure from investors and unhappy consumers definitively have an effect on the decision making.

    The problem is that if this does happen, BlackBerry as we know it will change in some way whether its good or bad. In addition to this we also heard that RIM would be releasing devices at a slow pace and even later than expected. This certainly does help. What do you think RIM should do? How do you think a sale would affect BlackBerry users?
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