• RIM Filed Patent Showing A Netbook-Style Docking Station

    Is there room in the market for a BlackBerry 10 netbook? Well, maybe RIM is not interested in a full blown BlackBerry 10 powered netbook or laptop design just yet, but a patent filed in 2011 shows what the future of BlackBerry 10 may bring.

    US Patent #20120225622 secures designs for a docking station for a mobile communication device. This comes in excellent timing now that BlackBerry 10 has made a leap closer to launch by releasing Beta 4 tools for developers. RIM already has a a Bluetooth keyboard and case even showcased how coupled with Citrix, a PlayBook can replace a laptop. Although the idea of having smartphone docking station that can enhance and amplify the experience of a smartphone isn't exactly a novel idea, what is interesting is the fact that in fact the docking station may be more than just a larger keyboard and monitor for your device. As outlined in the patent application:

    The terminal docking station module may further include high-capacity batteries that maintain a charge for an extended period of time. The docking tray further includes terminals that contact with terminals on the control module to enable the terminal docking station module to re-charge the batteries provided in the control module.

    The docking station may also serve as a charger and even include an additional flash memory component to house "an operating system".

    It's still too early to tell if RIM is planning to carry out the designs mentioned in the patent, but it would make sense given the increasing demand for lighter portable computing solutions. Would you get such a docking station to have your own BB10 laptop? Let us know in the comments.

    source: USPTO via: CB

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