• RIM Faces New Trademark Lawsuit Over BBM Name

    The legal battles never seem to cease for the BlackBerry maker RIM. Last month the company had to change the name of its future phone from BBX to BB10, and this time it looks as though the term BBM may be in danger of being removed. It seems as though everyone is after RIM these days.

    Executives at the Tronto based broadcast industry group BBM Canada, are saying that the trademark BBM belongs to them. The company started in 1944 as a group of broadcasters, has had several names over the years. Some to include: Bureau of Broadcast Management, BBM Bureau of Measurement and now BBM Canada. It also uses bbm.ca as its website and has used the letters BBM in its logo for more than sixty years the group also owns the trademarks in both the U.S. and Canada.

    In a statement to the press, president and chief executive officer of BBM Canada Jim MacLeod, stated the following: “We want our name back, I find it kind of amazing that this wouldn’t have been thought about before they decided to use the name. The same thing goes for BBX.” he also stated that “We don’t want to pile on the troubles of RIM – this predates RIM’s troubles – but from our point of view, this is a very serious situation, If the big guy who can throw the most money at it can take your trademark, why do you even have trademark law?” A court proceeding against RIM has launched after attempts to negotiate failed. This means that the BBM name as we know it may be changed.

    RIM started its campaign for the name BBM back in 2010. According to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office they advised RIM in a letter in Febuary of 2010 that the trademark "was not registerable". Apparently someone in RIM's trademark department inst paying attention. First BBX now BBM, come on. Whats going on here? We will be watching this one very closely. I cant imagine not calling BlackBerry messenger BBM.

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