• RIM Ends Partnership With Flextronics

    RIM, in efforts to cut costs and like they had promised to do, have ended their partnership with Flextronics to manufacture BlackBerry phones. Flextronics' Malaysia plant will no longer be manufacturing BlackBerry smart phones but their employees will be sent to work on other phones for other companies and should not be effected in a detrimental way.

    This confirms RIM's efforts to try and consolidate their manufacturing plans and concentrate on the production of BlackBerry 10 phones and their Playbook models. The cutting of ties with Flextronics mirrors RIM's actions back in June when they cut ties with phone manufacturer Celestica.

    RIM, when asked for a comment on the move to end the partnership with Flextronics, emailed a reply of, "We do not normally comment on specific supplier relationships. As we outlined in previous earnings calls, we are making changes to our supply chain as part of wider efforts to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of RIM's operations."

    So, it seems that the cost cutting continues at Waterloo. Is this a good decision by RIM? Please let us know by leaving your comment on the article.

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