• RIM Discontinuing The 16GB Playbook?

    If you've been waffling on getting a BlackBerry Playbook, now may just be the time to pull the trigger. Research In Motion may be discontinuing the 16 GB Playbook. The 16GB was my first Playbook purchase but I did quickly find myself running out of room with the addition of movies and my music. This was before the addition of Android apps and I found deleting apps and unwatched movies to be the norm.

    It really does seem like a logical step though because of the influx of ported Android apps to the Playbook App store as well as side loading, the push for developers for the new BlackBerry 10 OS to develop new apps, quite frankly, well the space on a 16GB Playbook doesn't seem very much any more. Assuming the 32GB and 64GB versions of the Playbook will be continued to be produced and with the upcoming 4G Playbook and the new BlackBerry 10 phones, it was probably time for the 16GB Playbook to end it's production run.

    So, if you're looking for a second tablet for the kids or a dedicated multimedia tablet to keep plugged into the HDTV and bridge to your phone for the ultimate in BlackBerry control and comfort, this discontinuation may be just what you were looking for. Keep an eye on your retailer and online. Prices are probably going to be dropping and sales will be around while supplies last because, like they say, "Once they're gone...they're gone..!!"


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