• RIM To Disappear In 2013?

    Once again another doom and gloom story has come out saying that RIM will not survive past 2013. This time, Yahoo Finance has named RIM as one of 10 brands that will not survive the upcoming year. Regurgitating all the financial woes that we've all heard before, the author of the article says that RIM replaced it's long time CEO. Really? Which one of the two co-CEO's did Research In Motion replace? Was it Mike or Jim? Also, the article fails to mention or even hint at any new innovations such as BlackBerry 10. Which we know is doomed to fail even before it's released, according to some genius out there.

    The author also fails to mention the insider trading scandal that caused RIM stock to plummet, the rise from 75 million to 77 million users, etc. Kind of pathetic actually.

    We all know that the financial news hasn't been rosy. That we can all agree on. But it's not half as bad as the analysts and pundits make it out to be. If RIM continues to stay ahead of schedule, get's their BlackBerry 10 OS as stable and fantastic as the sneak peeks have shown, the only unknown seems to be the hardware which if history shows, should be solid and a new form factor to BlackBerry and a big challenge to Android and it's fragments.

    Quite frankly, these hit pieces are becoming more and more comical.

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