- RIM To Co-Sponsor This Years Mobile Pwn2Own
  • RIM To Co-Sponsor This Years Mobile Pwn2Own

    This years Pwn2Own competition will be co-sponsored by RIM. The annual event will take place September 19-20, at the EUSecWest security conference in Amsterdam,Netherlands. The contest is one of the premier hacking events that come up throughout the year.

    This year the Pwn2Own competition will be dedicated to exploiting popular mobile device technology like, NFC, SMS, and cellular baseband. Pwn2Own and other events like it are great ways for security researchers and hackers to show companies overlooked security flaws in their mobile device software.

    Last year's Pwn2Own brought to light a WebKit Browser exploit found on a BlackBerry Torch running This year's victim the BlackBerry Bold 9930, will be subject to a barrage of attacks from contestants trying to win the device plus some nice cash incentives.

    The rules for contestant are pretty straight forward. A successful attack is defined as requiring " little or no user interaction and must compromise or exfiltrate useful data from the phone." The device will also be updated with the latest OS.

    Prizes in addition to winning the device and a BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM include:

    • Mobile Web Browser
      • $20,000 USD

    • NFC
      • $40,000 USD

    • SMS
      • $40,000 USD

    • Cellular Baseband
      • $100,000 USD

    Those interested in registering for this event can head on over to the TippingPoint website. Happy hacking.

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    Joe Jerde

    Passport and Classic in UK

    That was Chen's focus. Business sector. As long as they can start turning a significant profit, BlackBerry can comeback as a big marketshare player again.

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    was informed that

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