• RIM Begins Porting PlayBook Apps To BlackBerry 10 For Developers

    In attempts to make sure that BlackBerry 10 will have the full potential of apps on launch, RIM has decided to step in and help developers by porting any PlayBook apps that will work with the BlackBerry 10 platform. There are many PlayBook apps that work just fine with BlackBerry 10 OS, being that the PlayBook OS and BlackBerry 10 OS are both QNX based operating systems.

    If your app is ported, you will automatically receive a "I'm building for BlackBerry 10 Badge" on your BlackBerry DevZone Rewards account which gives 500 rewards points. These reward points can be redeemed for either a BlackBerry hoodie, $50 shopblackberry gift certificate, or a BlackBerry messenger bag.

    If you wish to opt out of this program, you can do so by Nov 16th by contacting App World support.

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