• RIM Approves Spam Email App?

    If you are the type of person, who bombards email addresses with tons of junk mail and is hated by email users world wide, you now have an app to help people hate you even more. BlackBerry has gone ahead and approved Multi Mail by Today PDA for the App World.

    So RIM gives KIK the boot, but ushers this app in? What were they thinking? Multi Mail by Today PDA appears to be (plain as day) a mass-spam email application. Here are some of the keywords used in the description of the app, which is currently available from App World for $1.99:

    “Multiple, send, flood, bom, bomb, sending, emails, mails, mail, email”

    BerryReview suggested that RIM should think about adding a button in the App World so users can flag content as inappropriate and I could not agree more. Sounds to me that perhaps the reviewer at RIM who let this app slide into App World got a hefty gift somewhere in the process.

    What do you think? Please let us know in the discussion forum. It might not be a bad idea sending your comments to RIM as well.

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