• RIM Acquires New Domains, Possible New BlackBerry 10 Apps And Feature Names?

    Whenever a new product is launched, the company making said product has to, naturally, buy domains for these new products' official sites. BlackBerryOS.ca, for example, was actually purchased by RIM (too bad for them BlackBerryOS.com was already taken) and redirects to a OS 7.1 page.

    With BlackBerry 10 looming a few months away, it's no surprise that RIM would want to buy out new domains for it, aside from having the typical BlackBerry.com. Well, they've definitely gone out of their way to secure a good amount of new domains.

    At the bottom of the page you'll find a list of 70 domains that have been bought through the brand protection company MarkMonitor on September 14th by Research In Motion.

    It's interesting to note that a couple of these domains names sound like they could be BlackBerry 10 features (Peak, PlayOn, Remember, TimeShift, Flick), while others seem to sound like possible new BlackBerry 10 native apps: StoryMaker, NewsStand, Hub.

    Obviously, at this time these domains don't have anything so don't even bother going to them. However, keep them in the back of your head (or bookmark tabs), as we'll check back in 2013 and see how many of these are actually being used by RIM, if any.

    Check out the list of domains RIM owns for the time being:

    • bbmvideo.com
    • bbmvideo.net
    • bbmvideo.org
    • bbmvideo.biz
    • bbmvideo.info
    • bbmvideo.us
    • bbmvoice.net
    • bbmvoice.org
    • bbmvoice.biz
    • bbmvoice.info
    • bbmvoice.us
    • blackberry10os.us
    • blackberryflick.com
    • blackberryflick.net
    • blackberryflick.org
    • blackberryflick.biz
    • blackberryflick.info
    • blackberryflick.us
    • blackberryflow.net
    • blackberryflow.org
    • blackberryflow.biz
    • blackberryflow.info
    • blackberryflow.us
    • blackberryhub.net
    • blackberryhub.org
    • blackberryhub.biz
    • blackberryhub.info
    • blackberryhub.us
    • blackberrykeyboard.net
    • blackberrykeyboard.biz
    • blackberrykeyboard.info
    • blackberrykeyboard.us
    • blackberrynewsstand.net
    • blackberrynewsstand.org
    • blackberrynewsstand.biz
    • blackberrynewsstand.info
    • blackberrynewsstand.us
    • blackberrypeek.com
    • blackberrypeek.net
    • blackberrypeek.org
    • blackberrypeek.biz
    • blackberrypeek.info
    • blackberrypeek.us
    • blackberryplayon.com
    • blackberryplayon.net
    • blackberryplayon.org
    • blackberryplayon.biz
    • blackberryplayon.info
    • blackberryplayon.us
    • blackberryremember.biz
    • blackberryremember.info
    • blackberryremember.us
    • blackberrystorymaker.com
    • blackberrystorymaker.net
    • blackberrystorymaker.org
    • blackberrystorymaker.biz
    • blackberrystorymaker.info
    • blackberrystorymaker.us
    • blackberrytimeshift.com
    • blackberrytimeshift.net
    • blackberrytimeshift.org
    • blackberrytimeshift.biz
    • blackberrytimeshift.info
    • blackberrytimeshift.us
    • blackberryvoicecontrol.com
    • blackberryvoicecontrol.net
    • blackberryvoicecontrol.org
    • blackberryvoicecontrol.biz
    • blackberryvoicecontrol.info
    • blackberryvoicecontrol.us

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