• Is RIM in a ‘death spiral’ or just being smart?

    There was a time when RIM owned the smartphone industry with its revolutionary push email-equipped BlackBerry Devices. They were the King of the empire and there were many Prince's that were trying to remove RIM's crown. Most failed, yet two succeeded in get their own crowns. Today, the 3 Kings of the Smartphone world are RIM, Apple and Google (Android). RIM is barley hanging on. Android and iPhone devices have carved out a big chunk of the smartphone market, largely at RIM’s expense. So RIM makes some ut backs and pushes on!

    Is RIM in a ‘death spiral’ or just being smart?

    Josh Rubin, staff reporter for Toronto Star wrote up this great report:

    As stock markets digested news of Research in Motion’s job cuts and details of its latest BlackBerry leaked out ahead of an official announcement, analysts said it’s no sure bet whether shedding 2,000 employees will help the high-tech giant in the long run.

    If the job cuts are in RIM’s hardware division, it was the right move...
    • What do you think? Is RIM in a ‘death spiral’ or just being playing it smart? Will they recover and hold their ground?
    • Read this users full report and see what our users have to say, in the forums.

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