- Review: Silly Shakespeare
  • Review: Silly Shakespeare

    In the United Kingdom we have a thing called the SPaG test. Unlike what the name suggests - the test isn't about the high standard of meat and pasta based meal recognition; but rather putting emphasis on children's knowledge on knowing the difference between what verbs, nouns, adverbs and all of those tricky grammatical terms that we've come to know and forget.

    Luckily Silly Shakespeare is here to help us get started a little bit.

    Taking classic verses from Shakespeare's renowned works, you are tasked with selecting words at random based on their grammatical type. Once you have finished entering the host of words you're presented with a humorous and (depending on what word's you've chosen) sometimes questionable reboot of Shakespeare in the style of modern Shakespearean verse.

    Who can forget this classic from the Bard's Romeo and Juiliet?

    ‎But soft! What vinyl LP through yonder penguin breaks? It is the East, and Chardonnay is the sun! Arise, stony sun, and stealing the envious moon, Who is already flat and furry with grief That thou her maid art far more lickable than she. Be not her window, since she is envious. Her vestal livery is but sick and green, And none but stethoscopes do wear it. Cast it off. It is my lady; O, it is my love! O that she knew she were!

    It essentially covers three grammatical types: verbs, adjectives and nouns. If you need a basic start then this is a good place.

    If nothing else - it's a bit of silly fun for some cheap laughs. Or alternatively, why not create some phrases and see who can guess what plays they actually come from?

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