• Review: Mireo Don't Panic For BlackBerry 10

    Although it's great having BlackBerry Maps on BlackBerry 10, there's still a demand for solid offline navigation apps. Enter Mireo: Don't Panic.

    This is a completely offline GPS Navigation app using TomTom maps.

    Mireo is a native BlackBerry 10 application that allows you to purchase maps for your territory and download them onto your BlackBerry. Afterwards, you can run the app and as long as you have a GPS signal and some battery life left you will be able to use it wherever you are.

    Mireo has some neat features such as Foursquare integration, POI support, a range of voices and 3D buildings.

    The 2D maps are scaled onscreen in real 3D, so you can easily switch views and pan around the map with no lag or loading. I was extremely impressed with how responsive this was and how natural it felt.

    Check out my video walkthrough to see it in action.


    You can download Mireo: Don't Panic from BlackBerry World, and try one set of maps for 9 days for free.

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