• Review: LapseLab HD

    Don't you just love watching those videos where you see time pass really quickly in a short space of time? Take this little classic taken from the ISS as crewmembers journey home around the globe.


    This tells us two things. Space guys really like their Peter Gabriel and timelapse videos can be pretty awesome.

    Luckily Marco Bavagnoli doesn't want BlackBerry 10 owners to feel left out. His app, LapselLab HD allows you to use your BlackBerry 10 handset to create your very own timelapse recordings.

    The app is written specifically for BlackBerry 10 and sports a number of neat features so that you can create a timelapse suitable to your subject.

    Putting it to the test, I took my Z30 outside and pointed it at the ground for 5 minutes and came up with this piece of art.

    It's not quite orbiting the planet - but I'd say it's a close second!

    What LapseLab does it snap images at pre-defined intervals (or not if you want to do it manually). The images are stored in a subdirectory of the camera folder. At the end of your shutterbug session you can review the lapsed photos and remove any images that don't cut the mustard if you choose to. Finally you can compile the images into a completed video.

    You additionally have the options for timestamps and image overlays. It's a versatile little app that can create some fantastic results. Here's the full feature set:

    → BBM connected application.
    → 6 lapse ways: duration, from→to time range, from with number of shoots, to time, just number of shots, stop motion (take shots manually)
    → review sequence at variable speed and choice to delete bad shots
    → built in video player with loop capability and pan to seek backward and forward
    → landscape or portrait video output on keyboadr less devices
    → custom logo overlay
    → time stamp overlay on video output
    → shutter sound on/off
    → video output resolution at 480p, 720p or 1080p
    → automatic or manual sequence name
    → video output rate from 1 to 25 frames per second
    → video output can be automatically assembled after shooting end
    → landscape and portrait mode supported
    → viewfinder can be hidden to lessen the battery exhaust
    → take shots and join them later
    → share your video

    LapseLab is free to download but comes locked with some 'Freemium' limitations: It's limited to 100 shots and video output at 480p. It's easy to test out though and definitely worth checking out.

    More information / download LapseLab from BlackBerry World

    Supported Devices
    BlackBerry Q10
    BlackBerry Q5
    BlackBerry Z10
    BlackBerry Z3
    BlackBerry Z30
    Porsche Design P9982

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