• Review: BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell

    BlackBerry has not only come out with a sexy device, the Z10, but also some sick OEM accessories to back up the launch of BlackBerry 10. One of the accessories we predict will be among the most popular in the U.S. and other parts of the world, is the the OEM Flip Shell case/cover. It's unlike any OEM case we've ever had.

    Because of the flip style front, the Flip Shell cover definitely has the book-like feel to it. The flip has a magnetic strip, like the holsters that we've all become accustomed to using, so opening and closing the cover the will take your phone off and put it on standby; which definitely helps on battery life.

    The Flip Shell case also doubles as a stand. As shown in the video review above, you simply fold the flip back and sit your device in one of two angles, and you have yourself a little stand.

    Lack of access to the microUSB and microHDMI ports when the Flip Shell case is closed was a downer for me. Obviously, with a flip cover, there's nothing that can be done in this department, so this "con" is more reflective of the overall style of any type of flip cover vs. this OEM one. That's just how it is.

    The case itself is extremely durable. The back plate/the part that actually holds the phone in place is made out of a hard plastic. This contrasts with the front flip which is made out of a soft, and suede-like material, and helps the case actually protect the device and not let it rattle out of place.

    Another thing that was a little weird was taking pictures with the Flip Shell case on. Since you can't take a picture with the flip folded back or with it closed, it was kind of awkward keeping the flip cover open while I snapped a picture.

    Again, this is the case with any flip cover, but coming from someone that hadn't really ever used one before, the cover got in the way more often then not.

    Typing did prove to be a bit annoying when I had this case on. There's an area on the left hand side between the case and the cover where you can technically put your hand in. That area is meant to help you grip the phone and type away as if nothing. Unfortunately, the way I hold my devices, that space wasn't enough and it felt super uncomfortable.

    I preferred to go with the folding-the-flip-cover-all-the-way-back typing method. It took a little getting used to because of the extra padding that it gives your left hand vs your right, but it worked for me a lot better.

    All in all, the Flip Shell cover offers some amazing protection, style, and a pretty sick dual angle stand. Unfortunately for me, the flip cover got in the way too much. I just don't think I'm a fan of that specific style of covers and cases. However, if you do like that style, then the OEM Flip Shell is definitely a must have.

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