• The Results Are In: HTML5Test Confirms BlackBerry 10 Is Still The Best Mobile Browser

    I'm not exactly sure how we missed this one, maybe because it should come to no surprise that BlackBerry still has the best gosh-darn browser on any mobile phone. Period.

    The folks behind the HTML5Test.com site recently tweaked their testing suite to add some additional tests to better measure to what extent different browsers support different HTML5 features. The documentation on the site explains that although the HTML5 specification isn't quite finished yet, it will receive a few updates every once in a while updating the tests to remove deprecated features and add tests for new ones, as well as testing for support of some experimental or not yet accepted features that are extensions of HTML5. From their official post a few weeks ago:

    Some of the more notable changes are:

    • We’ve got a new maximum score of 555 points. And the bonus points are gone.
    • Many new tests and improvements for already existing specifications, but also for new specs.
    • Click on a test result to get more information about the test. Find out how many points the test is worth, the status of the specification and links to the specification and other sites such as WebPlatform.org
    • Save the results, so you can view them at a later time, or on another device. Use a QR code to immediately view the results of a device with a small screen on your tablet. Use html5te.st/qr to run the test and show just the QR code.
    • Give feedback and correct the browser identification so we can improve WhichBrowser – our browser identification library
    • A handy browser overview table which shows the scores for the current versions of the major browsers, but also the upcoming and older versions.
    • See a list of the 100 most recent test results and search through our database for results of specific browsers.
    • Compare up to five browsers at the same time.
    What's notable here though is the fact that despite being a mobile device, BlackBerry 10 still ranks #1 in the list of mobile device browsers, with 491 points out of 555. It is still 67 points ahead of Android 4.4 and 79 points ahead of iOS7. Windows Phone 8 which is positioning its self as the third ecosystem in the consumer market lags behind BlackBerry 10's browser by 159 points. Of course that is not the entire story, apps play a huge part in making a platform thrive, and in this case better compatibility means higher quality apps, even if they are created as "web apps."

    BlackBerry recently released an updated software development kit to WebWorks 2.0 which is now powered by Apache Cordova, making it even easier for developers to build and debug their apps on the fly.

    Now the next frontier would be catching up with Google Chrome's desktop browser which at the moment sits only 12 points ahead of BlackBerry 10 with 503 points.

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