• Research In Motion's Response To BGR: Anonymous Claim Inaccurate And Uninformed

    Slander - (n.) The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation or (v.) To make false and damaging statements about (someone). It seems bloggers nowadays sometimes feel that they can spew out unfounded and inaccurate statements about a company, like Research In Motion, and not expect a type of rebuttal. Dangerous territory if you ask me.

    The highly biased and mostly inaccurate site Boy Genius Report published an "article," if you could even call it that, this morning with the incredibly catchy title "BlackBerry 10 is a failure that won't be able to compete, company source says." Many blogs, including our own, choose to, at times ignore these articles that are based solely on "unknown, mysterious, or anonymous sources" for obvious reasons. This is specifically backed up by the fact that a site like BGR has been wrong so many times about so many things that aren't even about the BlackBerry OS environment (example: BGR reported Sprint would be getting an exclusive iPhone 5 the same day of the announcement of the iPhone 4S, that never happened).

    This latest cycle of hogwash posted by the so-called Boy Genius, talks about how a high-ranking RIM official has told them that they haven't able to integrate its core email, calendar and messenger features into BlackBerry 10 yet. The source then stated that “email and PIM [is better] on an 8700 than it is on BlackBerry 10.” Interesting considering the fact that the same source had just stated these functions weren't working on BlackBerry 10.

    Hours afterwards, RIM responded via their Twitter account @BlackBerry with the above tweet and link referring everyone back to the investors conference call from last week. During this conference call, RIM's co-CEOs mentioned how the delay in the release of these BlackBerry 10 devices are due to the fact that the company is waiting on a more power-efficient LTE chipset which will be released mid-2012.

    Research In Motion is sticking to their guns by refuting these claims and frankly, I love it. In this case, silence can be interpreted as consent so it was necessary, although incredibly annoying, the fact that RIM had to respond to these slanderous claims. Personally, I would love to see RIM sue the pants off of a site like BGR as these statements are directly meant to hurt the reputation of a company without hard proof. Anyone can just come up with a fake anonymous high ranking source and that should not be tolerated.

    With last night's BBM Ugly Sweaters Event in New York City we got to see first hand how passionate and dedicated the BlackBerry community is. The BlackBerry PlayBook is a device that, even though it's been released for a little bit, is still way ahead of the competition in terms of pure specs. If RIM can figure out how to bring these two aspects together seamlessly in February with the release of OS 2.0 for the PlayBook, we're confident the future will look brighter for our community and the BlackBerry brand as a whole.
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