• Reinstalling BlackBerry World Using The BlackBerry World Recovery Tool

    One thing that tends to grind my gears is having issues with BlackBerry World. With 90% of those issues reboot or simple refresh of BlackBerry World will do the trick, but there is the rare occasion when a 'You must upgrade your BlackBerry World' or 'Unable to connect. Please try again later' message might appear.

    In those situations, a fresh install of BlackBerry World is often the best solution to get things back up to normal? We know that all you Leak gurus would probably just sideload a .BAR from a previous install, but that isn't really the most "applicable" solution for the average user.

    BlackBerry has apparently had since February 2014 a simple solution to re-install BlackBerry World, aptly called BlackBerry World Recovery Tool.

    This tool is provided as a means to recover a non-functional BlackBerry World (BBW) application/client on any BB10 device (OS version 10.0.x, 10.1.x, 10.2.x). This tool can only be executed from a Windows PC (MAC not supported) and your BB10 device must be plugged into this PC via USB. Upon execution, the tool will detect the BB10 Device OS you are running, automatically deliver the appropriate BBW version for that OS and do a force installation of this BBW version over any (presumed non-functional) BBW application that may or may not be present on the device. After successful execution of this tool, you should then be able to immediately launch and use the BBW client.
    Once you've downloaded the app to your desktop, plug in your BlackBerry 10 device via USB and follow the on-screen prompts!

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