• Red Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 Selling On eBay For $4,000

    Now that Red Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 devices have started shipping out, it's no surprise to see one show up on eBay for sale. With only 12,000 of these devices made in the world, it looks like you'll have to pay a pretty penny to get your hands on one. The "buy it now" price on this one I found is at $4,000! Pretty crazy price to pay for a phone. But if you have the cash to drop, to each his own. After all, we did see a BB10 Dev Alpha sell for $2,000.

    I just think it's nice to finally see BlackBerry starting to get these devices out to devs before the US launch. It is a bit embarrassing that the developers who supported BlackBerry 10 from the beginning are getting their Limited Edition devices just now.

    Did you get a Limited Edition BlackBerry? Show us a pic in the comments below!

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