• Reaserch In Motion Lands In Top Three Most In-Demand Employers

    Waterloo's Research In Motion may not be receiving the most positive attention these days, but you may want to take a closer look. According to a new project by career centered networking site LinkedIn, Canada still has reason to feel pride for the makers of BlackBerry smartphones.

    Last year, LinkedIn sifted through over 15 billion interactions between professionals and companies. Each was carefully cross-referenced with thousands of survey responses to pinpoint the specific activities that brought up indicators of "familiarity and interest in working for a company." According to LinkedIn, these included:

    connecting with employees, viewing employee profiles, visiting Company and Career Pages, and following companies.
    After analyzing the data, and accounting for other factors such as company size, LinkedIn was then able to develop a top 100 global list.

    Despite the reported lay-offs, a cost saving measure which resulted in a much smaller net loss this last quarter, RIM is still hiring, specifically in the Developer Relations department.

    It feels good to know the Waterloo company's concerted efforts are paying off. Consider this another small reason to #BB10Believe.

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