• The Real Power Of BlackBerry

    Every now and then there comes a time where its appropriate to look beyond the bits and bytes of the BlackBerry device and reflect on something else. While the technological advances that RIM has shown us over the past year have been amazing, and will continue to wow us into the next year. There is something else that BlackBerry has given us, and that is the power of bringing people together.

    Perhaps one of the most overlooked characteristics about the BlackBerry brand, is that it revolves around a strong community of believers. Casual users, celebrities, fanboys (or girls), and business professionals all have their unique place within this community and together make up #TeamBlackBerry. This community is made up of variety of people who truly do believe in BlackBerry and the company that makes them. Looking over the past two years it is easy to see why some have chosen to abandon BlackBerry; still a spirit of camaraderie remains.

    While most smartphones today have an effective way to communicate between devices they simply fall short in presentation, delivery and ingenuity. RIM's BlackBerry Messenger has been the backbone for BlackBerry users for years. Constantly refined each year, it has grown from a simple secure messaging platform to a robust communication ecosystem that even supports voice chat. BlackBerry messenger is more than just a chat application, it's an experience that quickly becomes a part of your life.

    The ability to bring people together is an important characteristic of the BlackBerry way of life. Evidence of this can be seen in media reports that reference BBM as the main form of communication. Even recently with the horrific incident in India that shocked the world, BBM helped thousands gather in central New Delhi to fuel protest in order to protect woman's rights. While the above incident is bigger than BBM it shows the power of BlackBerry bringing people together.

    As we enter the new year and get ready to embrace BlackBerry 10, the power of BlackBerry bringing people together will continue to grow. So the next time you pick up your BlackBerry, just remember you too have the power to send a positive message.
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