• QNX-powered BlackBerry Superphone could launch before end of 2011?

    Rumors are swirling around the internet today as different reports are coming out suggesting we could a QNX-powered BlackBerry before the end of 2011. Last week we got wind of some information about the Superphone dubbed the "Colt." Debates over whether this phone should feature a single or dual-core processor have been raging on. All in all, this latest rumor would have BlackBerry's first Superphone coming out much earlier than the anticipated Q1 of 2012 suggestions.

    Is RIM trying hard to push out the Colt before the holidays? We've already heard that RIM has dropped plans for a 10" PlayBook to focus on this phone, so it wouldn't be strange to see this be accurate.

    Research In Motion does need to be careful to not let too much information leak out. If people find out that this phone will drop in December, they will most likely think they same thing I thought when I first read this, "I'll pass on BlackBerry 7 devices and wait a couple of months for the next generation." That would definitely spell trouble for Research In Motion as they need this line of OS 7 devices to at least help them make a come back to the top of the smartphone world.

    As always though, keep in mind things change constantly in the business world and whenever we hear about these rumors we must take them all with a grain of salt; the largest grain of salt you can find.

    • If a QNX-based BlackBerry Superphone comes before 2011 is over, will you be skipping OS 7 devices altogether? Let us know in the forums!

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