• The Q10 Comes With BlackBerry 10.1, But When Will The Z10 Get The Update?

    The BlackBerry Q10 will officially be available in the U.K. and Canada in a few days. Along with the new hardware, the Q10 also comes packing BlackBerry 10.1, a new update to the current BlackBerry 10 operating system.

    A version of 10.1 has already leaked for the Z10. We've noticed some cool improvements and new features in the OS (which we discussed at length in yesterday's webcast), but this leaked version is from official. This begs the question, when will the Z10 get the 10.1 update?

    BlackBerry has been having some trouble with the 10.1 operating system on the Z10. Their troubles aren't necessarily getting the features we see in the 10.1 leak working correctly, but instead deciding which features will be added and which features they'll be leaving out of this update.

    For example, the Android runtime update to Jelly Bean was originally planned to be added to 10.1, but unfortunately that just hasn't been possible. Headless apps (aka apps that don't need to have an active frame open to run) were also considered and attempted to be coded into 10.1. Again, no luck.

    Instead, BlackBerry has decided to focus exclusively on improving the core experience that BlackBerry 10 offers with 10.1. Some apps, like for example Skype, apparently need 10.1 to work. Until 10.1 drops for the Z10, we will not be seeing some apps arrive in BlackBerry World.

    Right now, BlackBerry is doing everything in their power to get 10.1 out to the Z10 by BlackBerry Live (May 14-16, 2013). We will be on site, and cannot wait to see what surprised they have in store for us. We will see if they're able to get 10.1 for the Z10 perfected in time for the main event.

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