• Putting Together The Official BBOS California Playlist For BlackBerry Jam Americas

    Most of us attending BlackBerry Jam Americas in San Jose, California will be traveling far distances. Some are coming from other countries, some other states and cities. For me personally, it will be the first time that I ever go that far west, and first time in Cali in general.

    Whenever I travel to a new destination for the first time, I like to make a music playlist that relates to the area I'm visiting. Now, California has been the topic of some amazing songs over the years so choosing 15-20 for a playlist will be no easy task. That's why we figured we'd get you guys involved!

    So we want to know, what are you favorite California related songs? Any genre works, so let us know your favorites as the best/most popular ones will make it on the Official BBOS California playlist for BlackBerry Jam Americas (long name). Leave a comment below with your idea/ideas and see if your choice(s) makes it.

    I'll start off with the first suggestion...
    1. "California" - Phantom Planet

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