• Push Support Now Available For Android Apps On BlackBerry

    RIM has now added push support for the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps. What does this mean? If your Android app uses Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM), when you repackage your app, you can use the Push technology on the BlackBerry 10 platform to provide a similar functionality.

    Here are a few more details from the InsideBB Dev Blog on how to create a push-enabled Android app:
    1. Register with the BlackBerry Push Service.
    2. Create a configuration file for your Android app.
    3. Specify Push as a required permission in BAR file’s manifest file.
    4. On the push-initiator server side, format the data to be sent to BlackBerry application servers.

    For all the details, check out the Android Runtime API Support Page for extended Push API Support.

    How do you start using these great new features? Jump to the Runtime for Android Apps microsite. There is an updated 1.4 Beta release for the BlackBerry Eclipse™ Plug-in for Android Development Tools and Command-line tools to help get you using all these new Android Runtime features for the BlackBerry 10 Beta. For the Eclipse users, make sure to point your update site to:

    To see what’s coming next, remember to check out the flight arrival board for the all the Runtime for Android App features and tooling releases.

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