• Pull out Those Clickers, BlackBerry Express Receives an Update

    BlackBerry World has been hot with updates today. First the weather app, then Twitter, and now BlackBerry Express showed up in BlackBerry world as having an update worth mentioning. The app is still in beta, but already packs an impressive feature set, allowing you to create PowerPoint style presentations on the go. This update brings overall stability and performance improvements, but also a very important improvement in the way it works while presenting using a connected display. There is also a neat enhancement for Z30 users, which allows for presenter accessory support via the USB Host mode. I'm thinking with the right adapter you could plug your favorite clicker and not even have to hold the device in your hand while presenting some important meeting charts.

    In case you are interested, here is the complete changelog:

    What's New:
    • Overall stability and performance improvements with attention to graphic handling and BlackBerry Express presentations shown on external displays
    • Usability enhancements including: image file picker 'previous location' logic and navigation support using volume up/down keys
    • WIreless presenter accessory support (via BlackBrry Z30's USB Host mode.

    Download Size: 1.9 MB
    Install Size: 2.9 MB
    Release Date: Dec 17, 2013

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