• PSA: BBM Is Not Shutting Down - How To Spot A BBM Hoax

    BBM hoaxes have been around for probably as long as BBM has. With the recent explosion of BBM popularity in the App Store, and Google Play, it's no surprise that these hoaxes disguised as well intentioned broadcast messages would make their way back to many BBM users.

    A BBM hoax, like the one picture above, is usually a message sent in mass that leads the victim to believe that they in turn need to broadcast the same message to everyone on their contact list for a specific reason. This fake reason is usually to keep BBM running, verify your "username," or not get charged for the free service that is, BlackBerry Messenger.

    As laughably stupid as some of these BCs are to most of us that are hardcore BlackBerry fans, a lot of people believe them, and keep them going, so we want to cover the basics as to what makes a hoax, a hoax on BBM.

    BBM will stay free for pretty much the long-term foreseeable future. Andrew Bocking, the biggest name representing BBM for BlackBerry, has confirmed this over, and over. Even if at some point in time that were to change, broadcasting a message would not let you have it for free.

    RIM doesn't exist anymore. The company changed its name to BlackBerry (two capital Bs) way back in January, so if you receive anything that says RIM, it's obviously fake.

    The CEO of BlackBerry is not "Jim Balsamic," it's Thorsten Heins. Balsamic wasn't even RIM's ex co-CEO's last name, it was Balsillie. At this point, they're not even trying.

    And finally, the most important thing to remember: BlackBerry will never, ever, ever, ever, ever (I cannot emphasize this enough), ever make you broadcast anything for any reason. There is no way they can trace a broadcast message, so it would be pointless to ask people to do, regardless of the reason.

    A good rule of thumb would be to just not share anything over BCs on BBM. They are possibly the most annoying part of BBM, but since they do have its usefulness, BlackBerry has kept them around. If you do spot a hoax, don't share. Let the person that sent it to you know it's not true, so they themselves don't keep sharing it.

    And finally, enjoy BBM!

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